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Imagine Africa

So I decided to step out of my box (aka my little Dutch village) and be spontaneous. About midday yesterday I saw on Africa’s a Country, an announcement for the launch of ZAM Magazine’s international edition in Amsterdam. I closed early from work and got on the train for an almost three hour ride to A’dam. It was definitely worth attending!

ZAM Magazine is an international publication celebrating African creativity and new thinking. Since its launch in 1997, ZAM’s approach to journalism has been just the right balance of art and activism; using its network of journalists, writers, artists, photographers and other creative types across the world to sometimes question social and cultural norms, other times introduce new ideas, but always informing about Africa’s artistic highlights.

So far, it had been published in Dutch. However, with the launch of the international English version, ZAM Magazine has taken a bold step to share to an even wider audience, a true picture of Africa, drawn by Africans- something most prefer to ignore. The idea is to show the diversity, creative talent and passion which is driving innovation in every corner of the continent.

Imagine Africa!
A continent no longer harassed by platitudes and prejudice,
and attitudes marinated in woefulness and dependency.
No romantics masking realities. A continent on top.
No more judgements biased by narrow sightedness and a need to fortify.
No limits. No longing. Its happening.
The ZAM Team

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Drawing from the African heritage: Anthony Abuah

Never mind your own preconceptions of what you’re capable of,
because you will learn, we learn everyday
Anthony Abuah

Barely two weeks ago, Tambay Amadi Obenson, creator of Shadow and Act– a blog that discusses film and film makers of the African Diaspora, asked people- creative artists, film enthusiasts, and anyone in between, to share their stories of triumph, tragedy, lessons learned, and regrets.

Sharing one’s personal and/ or professional experience is not an easy feat. As Tambay rightly says on his blog, ‘it takes a certain amount of courage to be able to be vulnerable and share one’s plight’. But its also an opportunity to learn from internal reflection, as well as teach others something valuable and inspire them to be strong through their own struggles.

One of such stories shared with Tambay is from Anthony Abuah.

Anthony Abuah was born in Kenya to a Rwandan mother and Nigerian father. Having lived in more than seven countries worldwide, he learned to adapt to different people and lose himself in his own imagination. His early passions included art, football and then story telling. Anthony soon realized his passion to be a writer and began writing and developing scripts for both the theatre and film. He wrote his first play ‘Another Biafra’, which was critically acclaimed and won him an Ogeyinka Merit Award in 2010. He also  launched Tales From The Motherland Productions in 2010, to highlight his passion for the continent of Africa and is devoted to telling stories about the continent that would otherwise be ignored.

But before getting to this successful point, his story is one of a clear vision and perseverance.

Although its a bit long, there’s a lot to learn from Anthony.

Here is his story, verbatim, as shared with Tambay.

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